A tan boosts a subtle radiance on the skin, which can help you appear healthier and fitter (if you can't tone it, tan it!). It can also camouflage blemishes on the skin, create a bronzed make-up base and due to its moisturising ingredients, it is a perfect way of keeping the skin bronzed and hydrated.

Sienna X is the markets leading professional sunless tanning brand in the UK. With its numerous awards and celebrity fans, Sienna X is a fantastic tanning system.


With more information and research into the harmful effects of UV tanning, sunless tanning is becoming even more popular, providing the healthy, efficient way for that bronzed all over tan.

Please note: Before all spray tans please exfoliate all areas of the body to be tanned to remove any dead skin cells/dry skin. Please also come for your appointment having not moisturised the skin with no make-up, perfume or deodorant on. This is all to ensure your spray tan comes out beautifully and lasts as long as possible. 


- Full Body Spray Tan - £25.00 | 15 mins

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