Hands and Feet

Treat your hands and feet to a little indulgence, with the professional use of OPI and Hand and Nail Harmony Gelish products. Each treatment has been individually designed just for you, whether it's the perfect file and polish, or the full works; these treatments are tailored to you.


Express Manicure or Pedicure, 25 min - £15.00

- Nail Shape, polish application and cuticle treatment                                                       

Manicure, 45 min - £23.00

- Nail shape, cuticle work, cuticle treatment and a relaxing hand and lower arm massage                          


Pedicure, 1 hr min - £30.00    

- Nail shape, cuticle work, hard skin removal and a relaxing lower leg and deep foot massage


Luxury Manicure or Pedicure,  70 min - £35.00

- Add something extra to your normal manicure or pedicure. Includes exfoliation, extended massage and a application of a nourishing mask, with heated booties or mitts

** £5.00 extra for Gel Polish


Soak off gel polish; applied like polish, but cured in a LED lamp, remaining shiny and chip free for at least 2 weeks (lasts much longer on toes!)


Express Gel Manicure or Pedicure, 30 min - £20.00

- Nail shape and Gel polish application


Gel Manicure, 45 min - £27.00

- Nail Shape, cuticle removal, gel application and a relaxing hand and arm massage


Gel Pedicure, 1 hr - £32.00

- Nail shape, cuticle removal, gel application, hard skin removal and a relaxing lower leg and foot massage


Gel Removal, 20 min - £8.00                                                                  

- Safe removal of the gel from the natural nail)

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