LYCON’s ground breaking strip less hot waxes, shrink-wrap and remove hair as short as 1mm! Perfect for short, stubborn hair on any part of the face or body.


LYCON waxes encompass the finest selection of natural and soothing ingredients that nurture the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and completely hair-free. When used at an extra low temperature, LYCON hot waxes can be re-applied 5 - 6 times on just waxed skin, without discomfort or irritation.

Hot Wax

Hot wax which is also sometimes referred to as strip-less wax, is the method of waxing which is applied more thickly and removed without a strip. Perfect for sensitive areas & sensitive skin.

Eyebrow Wax/ Shape - 10 mins | £12

Lip Wax - 10 mins | £12

Chin Wax - 15 mins | £14

Nostril Wax - £10 mins | £12

Ear Wax - 15 mins | £12

Underarm Wax - 20 mins | £17

Bikini Wax - 30 mins | £18

(All hair removed on the outside of a basic Bikini bottom) 

G-String Bikini Wax - 30 mins | £22

(Basic Bikini removed, and extended inwards more)

Brazilian Wax - 45 mins | £28

(All hair including the bottom removed, apart from a strip)

Hollywood Wax - 45 mins | £34

(All Hair removed including the bottom)

Strip Wax

Strip wax, is the method of waxing which requires the wax to be appiled thinly over the skin and removed with a paper/fabric strip. Perfect for larger areas such as the legs and arms.


Eyebrow Wax/ Shape - 10 mins | £9

Lip Wax - 10 mins | £9

Chin Wax - 15 mins | £10

Forearm Wax - 20 mins | £14

Full arm Wax - 25 mins | £16

Stomach/Lower Back - 15 mins | £15

1/2 Leg Wax - 30 mins | £19

3/4 Leg Wax - 35 mins | £21

Full Leg Wax - 45 mins | £27








Ohh my goodness!! I can finally say I'v found my place for waxing in Cambridge!!! Rebecca was super professional, quick and amazing! Could not recommend Fontana beauty any more!


Absolutely gutted that I've only just found Fontana Beauty! Rebecca is so friendly & made me feel so comfortable. Great service, very professional & she certainly knows her stuff! Best hot wax, pedicure & manicure ever! Highly recommend Fontana Beauty! Mill Road, Cambridge

My first hollywood wax with Rebecca was gentle, thorough, extremely efficient and very reasonably priced! Definitely the best beautician I have ever been to and will continue to use :)


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